W.I.S.E.4All – Women for Innovative Society in Europe

Project Description

W.I.S.E.4All - Women for Innovative Society in Europe

Observing the world from new points of view to find more sustainable and ethical solutions is the challenge of today.

WISE4ALL responds by structuring its work in a multidisciplinary way in order to apply lateral thinking to creativity and innovation. An initiative of co- creation and empowerment aimed at fostering the debate between technological and social innovation, economy and industry by engaging female opinion leaders in the discussion of digitalisation related topics.

It is not a matter of gender, rather a joint action for innovation, a participative process that brings out ideas, suggestions, and best practices of a new cultural and social model, by endorsing differences.


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  • Bring together women from different EU countries to identify a common social vision and work on joint projects, both at a national and at a European level.
  • Expand research and analysis on female participation by mesuring the impact on it.
  • Provide high quality competences on social innovation and gender issues
  • Support the EU Commission in open innovation strategies
  • Support the EU Commission in developing new policies, programmes and initiatives.

The first document produced with the support of Scientific Committee is the Memorandum of Understanding (OFFICIAL MOU). The MOU was born to formalise the partnership and clarify common objectives and activities and to establish and maintain links with the EU institutions and other organisations working in the field of social innovation.

26th of September at the European Parliament. the initiative will be officially launched with an event organised in collaboration with the MEP Pina Picierno, with the support of the S&D Group.

The event will be structured into two main moments:

In the morning at the EU Parliament, the official presentation of WISE4All and the signing of the MoU by the member organisations and researchers will take place.

During the afternoon, in collaboration with some representations of the Italian Regions, four roundtables will be held on different specific topics: gender health, just and creative city, digital manufacturing and new skills and societal challenges. The aim of the roundtables is to open a dialogue between the EU Institutions and WISE4All organisations, working on a common path with the European Commission to develop actions and projects towards a new and more inclusive social model.

For more information, please write us at wise4all@scom.eu

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W.I.S.E.4ALL in august 2017 become a member of Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition – a multi-stakeholder partnership involving Member States, companies, social partners, NGOs and educational establishment. Its aims, as you can read into the Members Charter, are to educate and train young people for digital professions, to up-skill ad re-skill the labour force with the digital skills, to modernize education and training systems for the digital age and to improve the digital skills of all citizens. For the creation of a Digital Single Market in Europe it is crucial indeed that everyone acquires digital skills both to remain productive and employable and to be included in the innovation processes of the digital society. A particular focus is addressed to Women in Digital, because in the tech sector in Europe it still exists a very large gender gap: women are still under represented into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields – while the empowerment of women in the tech sector would lead to an increasing competitiveness and moreover to a full participation in society. W.I.S.E. for all, as a member of Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, will support women in three main domains – education, entrepreneurship, research and innovation – through a project that will be discuss by the stakeholders since the launch event of the 26th of September at the European Parliament.

Map of Interviews

The first activity has lead to a map of interviews with women involved in social innovation and EU.

In November 2015, after an investigation on female participation in Europe we have gathered a series of testimonies, which you can find below:

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