W.I.S.E.4All – Women for Innovative Society in Europe

Project Description

W.I.S.E.4All – Women for Innovative Society in Europe

Observing the world from new points of view to find more sustainable and ethical solutions is the challenge of today.

WISE4ALL responds by structuring its work in a multidisciplinary way in order to apply lateral thinking to creativity and innovation. An initiative of co- creation and empowerment aimed at fostering the debate between technological and social innovation, economy and industry by engaging female opinion leaders in the discussion of digitalisation related topics.

It is not a matter of gender, rather a joint action for innovation, a participative process that brings out ideas, suggestions, and best practices of a new cultural and social model, by endorsing differences.

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  • Bring together women from different EU countries to identify a common social vision and work on joint projects, both at a national and at a European level.
  • Expand research and analysis on female participation by mesuring the impact on it.
  • Provide high quality competences on social innovation and gender issues
  • Support the EU Commission in open innovation strategies
  • Support the EU Commission in developing new policies, programmes and initiatives.

The first document produced with the support of Scientific Committee is the Memorandum of Understanding (OFFICIAL MOU). The MOU was born to formalise the partnership and clarify common objectives and activities and to establish and maintain links with the EU institutions and other organisations working in the field of social innovation.

The signatory parts agree to establish a Signatory Committee composed of  their appointed Representatives.

Signatory institution:


If you are interested in learning more, participating, or contributing to this initiative, from your point of view, write to wise4all@scom.eu

Map of Interviews

The first activity has lead to a map of interviews with women involved in social innovation and EU.

In November 2015, after an investigation on female participation in Europe we have gathered a series of testimonies, which you can find below:

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Sustainable development is a multidisciplinary concept that rises at the beginning of 2000s and implies the conjunction of three aspects: the environmental, the economic and the social one. This concept was also developed by the 2020 Strategy of the European Commission which outlines a growth model that should be smarter, greener and more inclusive. Today the matter is especially about an attentive care for our natural environment and the climate: growth should as far as possible be green and climate-smart growth. What Wise4All wants to investigate in this area are therefore all the issues related to the challenges for the next “Green Revolution”: sustainable rural and urban development processes, new agricoltural models, use of alternative energy, environmental remediation, climate change, global food and nutrition security, natural resources, etc., by analizing their prospects and also their implications in the societal innovation processes


The wordshare” has a lot of different meanings: “To participate in, use, enjoy, or experience”, “offer something to someone else”. These are the basis on which the social world is built. A world in which the achievement of inequalities’ reduction is the main goal. In this field the work of NGO and charities is fundamental in order to create a more inclusive society. The European Commission uses the term ‘social enterprise’ to define “an enterprise whose primary objective is to achieve social impact rather than generating profit for owners and shareholders”. NGO, charities and social enterprises are part of the social economy in which the social innovation is achieved through the contamination between different sectors. We are currently facing a new passage through a new society where the social economy is a key factor. Wise4All will be part in this process in order to build a new and more inclusive society where private and public partnerships are promoted and where profit isn’t the main objective. 


Nowadays culture is a system based on constantly changing knowledge, opinions, belief and morals. Through new media, the criticism in real time accelerates changing processes. Society innovates itself by using continuous but inconstant information flows. WISE4ALL fits in this trajectory, putting cross cutting issues about innovative society under a magnifying glass, producing an information flow oriented towards an ethical social model, linked to the european vision of culture: a powerful tool, able to communicate value, promoting objectives of public interest, creating wealth. Through interviews, we will become interpreters

Scientific, social, clinical; theoretical, experimental, applied; qualitative or quantitative, these are all adjectives that describe RESEARCH.
Regarding these concepts and words, research is defined as a collection of information about a particular subject or object. It is a methodology used to increase human knowledge.
Moreover, by research theories, facts, behavior and events are discussed. For this reasons, it represents a key factor for our society’s growth and development.
Research is the ability to create innovation with a strong impact on our everyday lives; it is the driving force towards a new ethical and social model.

This area is dedicated to everyone that, by giving their depositions, contribute to the definition of a new socio-ethical model which is based on the enhancement of the individual.



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