Focusing on the the role of civil society in raising awareness on a fair and inclusive society.

Civil society as network of civil society organisations around Europe;

Civil society as “bridge” among EU institutions and citizens;

Civil society as hub for the elaboration of effective requests to EU stakeholders;

Civil society as reference for youth and women in their own direct participation


Who's in charge of this challenge?

Libera is a network of associations, social cooperatives, movements and groups, schools, unions, dioceses, parishes, and scout groups, involved in a commitment not only against mafias, corruption, crime and those who feed them, but also strongly ‘for’: for social justice, the search for truth, the protection of rights, transparent politics, a democratic legality based on equality, a living and shared memory, and for a citizenship that lives up to the spirit and hopes of the Constitution.

What is the expected contribution?

  • Promote and reinforce the participation of women and girls in the EU Parliament initiatives.
  • Engage CSOs in the EU Parliament initiatives.
  • Integrate the female voice in a multidisciplinary fashion in European policies
    (environment, social policies, digital transformation, health, etc.) 
  • Make arrangements for the WISE4ALL network to participate in the “Conference on future of Europe” and at the “Recovery Fund” debates with a gender approach.
  • Promote the WISE4All charter of values and the European values it represent.
  • Raise awareness about the role and democratic values of the European Parliament as the voice of EU citizens and boost a deeper engagement with them.
  • Support together.eu communities by reinforcing the participation of the civil society. 


A0: invitation to CSOs to participate in the Action;
A1: qualitative research: collection of needs and suggestions;
A2: presentation of the proposal of the Action Plan;
A3: training on the role CSO in EU policies
A4: creation of a toolkit to involve CSOs in EU social policies
A5: sharing and dissemination of all pillars’ outputs

Key words

#demographic challenges; #generational, territorial and educational divides; #societal inequalities; #equality between women and men; #social protection; #inclusive labour markets; # migration



March to May –  Contact and engage the network through newsletters, web pages and social media
May to October – 3 training sessions:  WHY CSOs in EU policies, WHERE CSOs in EU policies, HOW CSOs in EU policies
October and November -Recommendations based on the EU policies, creation of a toolkit to involve CSOs in EU social policies
November – Final Event

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Giulia Baruzzo – Libera contro le mafie. Giulia Baruzzo is the coordinator of the social pillar, representing the Italian association Libera. Associazioni, nomi e numeri contro le mafie (Libera). Employed since 2012 at the national secretariat of Libera with tasks related to the International department, she previously co-coordinated the action in Latin America through the ALAS network (América Latina Alternativa Social) and she is currently co-founder, promoter and coordinator of the European action of Libera in Europe through the network CHANCE – Civil Hub Against orgaNised Crime in Europe.

In the W4C project Libera will involve civil society, especially young people, in Italy and other associations in Europe thanks to the above mentioned network CHANCE, in which there are organisations and activists from about 15 countries.
Together with the other partners, Libera will contribute to the realization of the paper for the “Conference on future of Europe” with a gender approach and participate in the meetings of the WGs. Libera will also support the communication of the project through its official channels and it will promote the together.eu community.

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The debates carried out during the WGs activities will be presented at the end of the project during the online final event.

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