3 AFTERNOON ROUNDTABLE “Toward a just-creative city”

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Posted on October 09, 2017


The roundtable “Toward a just-creative city” focused on innovative and sustainable models of development for European cities according to the principles of spatial justice and spatial innovation as well as the bottom-up approach. The University of Bari and the University of Cagliari have examined the themes of spatial justice and spatial innovation as guiding principles of future urban policies, by seeking alternative or complementary development models compared to that of the “creative city”. The proposed models are centered around creative and cultural industries, the tangible and intangible cultural heritage and both the landscape and the urban spaces as common assets to the settled communities. In this respect, the intervention of La Concertation and Abruzzo Region have highlighted the need of a “bottom-up” approach, which shall promote the engagement of end-users and all stakeholders through the “face-to-face” confrontation as well as information and communication technologies in order to develop new governance models at the local scale. European Commission officials have illustrated EC programmes and funding opportunities for urban and regional policies, confirming the importance of participation and governance at all levels.



Lapo Bettarini presentation


*Alessia Usai
Alessia Usai is PhD in Technology for the Preservation of Architectural and Environmental Heritage. She research at the Department of Civil, Environmental Engineering and Architecture (DICAAR), University of Cagliari (IT). Her research focuses on the relationship between cultural heritage and urban planning according to the creative city principles and the landscape approach outlined by the European Landscape Convention in order to identify best practices for the development of innovative cultural policies and new urban regeneration tools.

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