Interview with Federica Pesce of Melting-pro

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Posted on January 27, 2016

The association Melting-pro has declined social innovation in three aspects: first, the innovation of relations and therefore an innovation especially of different types of relationships, a bull we’ve noticed mainly on European level that pushes towards cooperation, not towards competition, so sharing of the same objects and vision. Second, the capability of generating job opportunities. Third, the development of competences. We are working a lot for training in the creative cultural sector.

A recent project was realized in Corleone (Italy) regarding social innovation and smart cities guided by the MIUR. It was conducted by seven persons and by the CIDMA – Museum of Mafia and Antimafia in Corleone, which contains the archive related to the Maxi Trial “Falcone-Borsellino”. We digitalized more than 100.000 pages and brought the archive into town. The social innovation was in the job creation of these people which used the techniques of digital story telling in order to illustrate a territory and reattribute a new value, because usually people associate Corleone with a mafia context.  We involved citizens that narrate their stories about how they life certain places, stories from the past. All the video interviews are available on an app and in town, where 13 tourist-cultural itineraries are. These permit to watch the videos and materials from the digitalized archives: “The archive in town”.

The real innovation means giving women and men the possibility to conduct their work as freelance professionals having the guarantee to build a family. The real social innovation is the guarantee to work.

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