2 AFTERNOON ROUNDTABLE “Digital Manufacturing and innovation processes”

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Posted on October 05, 2017


In the roundtable on “Digital Manufacturing and innovation processes”, the participants analyzed some of the risks and opportunities that stem from the adoption of digital technologies in the years to come. In particular, they discussed about several aspects such as the effects of the digital transformation on labor market and future skills, the rise of new business models and the nature of industrial relations in the upcoming digital era. Specific attention was dedicated to the relationship between industry and society, and in particular on the role that enterprises can play in promoting inclusion and participation. During the meeting, the officials of the EU Commission presented programmes and policies aimed at addressing some of the most important risks due to the digitization of everything. Furthermore, the participants discussed about two concrete and promising initiatives – the Apulia Manufacturing Hub and the marker-spaces in peripheral regions in the Apulia Region – that are meant to facilitate transition to the new paradigms of digitization by providing support both to industries and citizens. Being ICT the trigger for the revolutionary transformation, it can also serve the purpose to find possible remedies to the abovementioned challenges. The adoption of new digital technologies caused an increase in the amount of available data thus generating an increase in complexity. In this context, data analysis is of paramount importance to decipher the dynamics of digital transformation as well as to help design new and inclusive business models that favor economic growth while contributing at the same time to the empowerment of people and higher participation.


Heidi Cigan presentation

Erastos Filos  presentation

Paolo Casalino presentation

Lidia Greco presentation


*Davide Meinero
Davide Meinero is managing director at IDC since 2015. Beside being responsible of the management of the company, he’s in charge of providing consulting services to customers with a particular focus on Digitalization of Industry and Business Development. He’s lecturer in Sociology of Labor and Economic Processes at the University of Turin, where he’s currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Big Data and Business Development.

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