1 AFTERNOON ROUNDTABLE “Gender Health: a contribution to an open and innovative society”

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Posted on October 04, 2017


The roundtable “Gender Health: a contribution to an open and innovative society” was an unique opportunity to present the activity of Trigger project at the end of the financing period (2013-2017).
During this time, the activity of Trigger has clearly demonstrated how the best approach to gender health can only be multidisciplinary since it is necessary to combine the different expertise and competence of sociology, psychology and medicine to have a global view of the different aspects which are the determinant of the broad concept of health. The participation of distinguish components of the European Commission, DG RTD, has demonstrated the real interest of European Community for this specific issue. Thus future directions and areas of interest of the European Commission have been explained and discussed to make possible new applications and possibly founding which are crucial to continue the important work performed until now.


Antonella Pollazzi presentation

Fiorella Chiappi presentation

Freja Hagsund presentation

Gesa Hansen presentation

Chiara Tripepi presentation



*Stefano Taddei –Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine ,University of Pisa, Italy

Stefano Taddei was born in Pisa, Italy, in 1957. He attended the State University of Pisa, where he graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 1982 and specialized in Clinical Pharmacology in 1986. Prof. Taddei is Professor of Internal Medicine. He works currently as the Director of the Hypertension Unit of the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine. Prof. Taddei is a Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology, the European, International and American Society of Hypertension, the European Society of Clinical Investigation, the High Blood Pressure Council of the American Heart Association, and of the Italian Society of Hypertension. He has been a councilor of the Italian Society of Hypertension (2007-2009). He is a member of the Editorial Boards of Hypertension, Blood Pressure, Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology,Current Vascular Pharmacology, Current Hypertension Reviews, High Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Prevention and Journal of American Society of Hypertension. He is an International Associated Editor of the European Heart Journal. His main research area is local neuro-humoral control of peripheral vessels in primary and secondary forms of hypertension, with particular emphasis on the sympathetic nervous system, the renin-angiotensin system and the endothelium. He is also interested in the assessment of target-organ damage in hypertension, including vascular and cardiac structural alterations and the clinical pharmacology of cardiovascular drugs. Prof. Taddei has participated in numerous clinical studies and is the authors of more than 350 original papers, reviews and editorials in international scientific journals  (H index: 58; Impact Factor : >1500).

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