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Posted on May 10, 2021


Although gender medicine is an important approach to treatment, it still remains, for a large part of the medical profession, a diagnostic method based on biological and reproductive differences. Such difficulties in accepting a perspective that takes into account health variables, in the broader multidimensional context, are not only of analytical origin, due to the complexity of the social determinants to be considered, but fall within those obstacles of a practical-organizational nature, which it has made many of the innovative aspects of research a frame of intentions for potential objectives rather than a clear framework of results to be applied.

The definition of bio-psycho-social well-being implies a context capable of favoring a profitable contamination among fields of knowledge (o sciences) in a multidisciplinary perspective, where the different skills can find an open space to address some problematic issues relevant to both professional training and to improve the current functioning of the health system together with the quality of the services offered. Enhancing a medicine centered on the person, on the concepts of proximity and continuity of care means promoting a more effective interaction with the patient, thus contributing to the implementation of a therapeutic and prevention(-oriented) pathway attentive to differences. De-constructing the alleged neutrality of the masculine gender in favor of an inclusive science means overcoming the reductionism of the mind-body division, expanding medical semeiotics to the complexity of the patient’s experience, of her biographical story. Consequently, useful tools are needed to facilitate the transition from a predominantly clinical and bio-medical anamnesis to a narrative medicine of listening and taking in charge, in favor of an effective socio-health integration of needs. The seminar intends to address this complex mosaic with its various implications, providing a picture of the state of the art of the main issues that have favored or hindered the path of gender medicine: from the regulatory process to the numerous gender-sensitive research in health, from experience gained by the Reference Centers at national and regional level to the possible perspectives in the new European calls for innovative and, above all, feasible proposals.


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