Interview with Lucia Zappacosta, art director of Alviani ArtSpace and President of Metro Olografix

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Posted on January 26, 2016

Culture influences the process of social innovation, because without a continuos cultural push it wouldn’t be possible to make progress and to observe the future. It becomes always more complex, because new technologies start to be part of our daily live. We all have easy access to information and culture. On the one hand culture brings youth to innovation. On the other hand, technologies as instruments are permitting access to culture.

In Pescara (Italy) I’m conducting projects which connect art, culture and new technologies, trying to change the reflection towards a post-human future, in which technologies will be part of our daily lives and will be used consciously. The young artists I’m collaborating with, are confronted with new technologies. They should bring their reflections towards the contemporary, in order to give us a showcase of the future, using technological instruments.

I’m conducting projects of artistic guardianship that aim for analyzing the role of nature and mathematics in our live styles. It is necessary to respect an established order, but by the use of technologies it is possible to analyze it. Having this reference frame it is possible to make e leap ahead using culture. BIOPHILIA was a project of well-being and with other six artists we’ve won the award for the best curatorial project of Italy at the exhibition of Bologna “SetUp”.

Recently, I have been elected president of the association Metro Olografix, which works in the field of telematics since 21 years, the oldest in Italy. A woman president in the context of e-learning, computer security, coding and informatics, is surely a sign that many barriers are collapsing and many stereotypes are fading.

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