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Europe aims to be the first climate-neutral continent by becoming a modern, resource-efficient economy plan, zero pollution, plan for a future ready economy, new industrial strategy, circular economy and clean technologies.



Who's in charge of this challenge?

WEP is the European Network Association representing, promoting and supporting women entrepreneurs across Europe.

What is the expected contribution?

  • Ensure the involvement of entrepreneurs in Europe, with the support of WEgate platform, in particular with regard to the Green Deal and a sustainable recovery;
  • Sustainability includes economic, environmental and social elements.
  • The Green Deal, the Recovery, and Women’s Entrepreneurship are inextricably intertwined.

Wep topics

  • Special focus on effects of Covid-19 on rural and agricultural women, and entrepreneurship as a potential way forward;
  • The potential for women in agriculture and rural communities to bring new, innovative products and services on the market and which contribute to the recovery;
  • Specific ways in which the Green Deal and the Recovery programme can support women in agriculture and rural communities to develop their entrepreneurial skills, and the sustainability benefits in doing so.
  • Recognition of the need to level the playing field for women in agriculture and rural communities to make the most of their potential and reap the benefits of their contributions.

Strategic goals

  • Increasing social, economic and environmental sustainability in Europe and beyond
  • Raising the profile and need to do more in support of women entrepreneurs
  • Ensure women entrepreneurs are interconnected with Green Deal and mainstreamed in Recovery
  • Empowering women to consider starting green/sustainable businesses
  • Promoting more sustainable agricultural production and rural businesses



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La partecipazione delle donne al Green Deal – opportunità per un’emancipazione economica 09/12/2021 at 10h online : https://futureu.europa.eu/processes/GreenDeal/f/2/meetings/100024

FINAL  OUTPUT: Report on WISE4Challenges research presented by WEP to Copa Women’s Committee


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Grazia Rendo  is an Italian entrepreneur, who previously worked for 15 years as Manager for an important Italian construction company.
She has been, since January 2009, the majority founder of Orchidea s.r.l., an Italian film and television company.
She has been awarded also  with  her first feature film ,at Houston film Festival in 2011.
Committed in financial  topics, she is ” Impulse4women”ambassador , a matchmaking platform to connect female led tech startups and social impact projects with  investors.
From 2011 she has been part of an Italian network financed by DG Enterprise for mentoring women entrepreneurs (BE-WIN).
On 2009  Grazia Rendo undertook the role of Ambassador for female entrepreneurship project, with Women Ambassadors Italy ( WAI).
She became in 2009   Board member of Unesco’ Intercultural Euro Mediterranean Centre,Greece whose goal is develop cultural cooperation among inhabitants of the Mediterranean Area.
Grazia Rendo was also”Laboratorio Donna”Board member,no profit Italian Association aiming to  assist female prisoners by teaching skills on craftwork and  other forms of  handy  work.

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The debates carried out during the WGs activities will be presented at the end of the project during the online final event.

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