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Posted on December 18, 2017


Following the event held in September in Brussels in which MEPs Patrizia Toia and Pina Picierno invited us to follow up our work on promoting women contribution to innovation, we made one step closer to this commitment, by signing a letter that has been sent to Commissioners Carlos Moedas (Research, Science and Innovation) and Věra Jourová (Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality).

This letter is a step forward to the WISE4All commitment on collaborating with th  Eu institutions in order to valorize women contribution to open innovation processes for a new society. This latter must pursue the “good of humanity” and consider ethics as a fundamental value for the wellbeing of future generations. We believe that we have to start from new values to build this new society, these values are: Respect of independence and interdependence of people, Ethic of responsibility, Knowledge accessibility, Spatial justice, Diversity and inclusion, Health promotion.

This is a crucial moment for the future of WISE4All and it represents a great challenge that we, together, want to take up!

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