4 AFTERNOON ROUNDTABLE “The otherness – inclusion to tackle the new challenges emerging from the changing society”

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Posted on October 10, 2017


From the roundtable “The otherness – inclusion to tackle the new challenges emerging from the changing society” it has emerged that to better understand and address the current societal challenges is fundamental that citizens are engaged and play an active role in the societal dynamics.
To do this, education, culture and innovation must be seen as enablers of participation and fundamental elements to combat the risks emerging from the changing society. In particular, this  roundtable focused the attention on social exclusion, poverty, migration, diversity and how people react to changes. European Commission officials have presented programmes and policies aimed at facing the abovementioned challenges, highlighting the importance of adopting tools to create favorable conditions for inclusion, such as engagement platforms or innovation camps where representatives of the Quadruple Helix (citizens, industries, public authorities and academia) come together to find innovative solutions to prevent risks emerging from the changing society.


Anna Fumarola presentation

Valentina Zoccali presentation

Cisme Soc.Coop.Video

Bror Salmelin presentation


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