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Posted on February 22, 2019

Maddalena Monge – Digital communication expert of Polarquest is one of the member of “WISE4All Expert Committee”


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Maddalena Monge is a digital communications professional interested in adventure, science and innovation. She loves the idea to combine the expertise that she gained through the years in the fields of corporate communication and digital marketing to tell stories like PolarQuest, that comes from genuine and proactive behavior of a group of people who wants to raise awareness about climate change in a remote region as the North Pole.

PolarQuest2018 is a sailing expedition organised by scientific journalist Paola Catapano, from CERN in Geneva, who found in Peter Gallinelli, sailor and architect the perfect associate. Peter is the owner of Nanuq (that means polar bear in Inuit) which is a self sufficient sailing boat built with the principles of passive architecture and that allowed to reach the North Pole without polluting its waters.

On the boat the team run mainly 3 scientific experiments:

  • Microplastics Sampling with the partnership of ISMAR-CNR;
  • Cosmic Rays study run by CERN, Centro Fermi and INFN;
  • Geographic observations of ice-cover variations using polar drones with the partnership of Società Geografica Italiana.

PolarQuest2018 was made possible thanks to the institutional partners, in kind sponsors, foundations and from donors who supported the expedition on Global Giving. Donating is still possible to give your economic contribution to the microplastic analysis which is currently on-going in Lerici, La Spezia.

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PolarQuest2018 is also working on a documentary from Ushuaia TV that will show you how was the life in the boat and will give you the chance to meet the participants to the expedition.

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Valentina Zoccali was born in Reggio Calabria (IT) in 1986. After a Bachelor’s degree in Letters and Philosophy, Valentina Zoccali studied Social Media Marketing and in 2008 she started to work in the fields of communication, advertising and culture. In 2012 she was appointed as Secretary General of S-Com. Besides carrying out tasks related to the management of the association and liaison with EU institutions and EU stakeholders, she has been managing the communication and dissemination of several EU-funded research projects. In 2015 she designed and launched the WISE4ALL (Women for an Innovative Society in Europe ) initiative to promote collaborative and multidisciplinary approaches, aimed at establishing more inclusive social models starting from women participation.