#WISE4FUTURE: European Parliament event REPORT

On the 26th of September WISE4All was officially presented to EU institutions. The event has represented a starting point to further valorise the collaborative path of WISE4All multidisciplinary network in Europe.

At the European Parliament, WISE4All, its values and its way to promote women contribution to innovation have received the warm support of MEP Pina Picierno, vice-chair of the Delegation to the EU-Mexico Joint Parliamentary Committee and member of the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, and MEP Patrizia Toia, Head of Delegation of “Partito Democratico” inside the Group of Progressive Alliance of Socialists&Democrats and vice-chair of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy.

They underlined the importance of stakeholders like WISE4All, especially in the definition of effective European innovation policies. “This project wants to foster women contribution to social innovation by overcoming the classical approach of “quotas” and valorizing people experiences, competences and knowledge” said MEP Pina Picierno.

European Commission officials Bror Salmelin (Adviser for Innovation Systems at DG CONNECT) and Loretta Anania (Programme Officer for “Next Generation Internet” at DG CONNECT) have appreciated the approach of WISE4All, stating its coherence with the European Commission orientation. Bror Salmelin has stressed the importance of people when it comes to the creation of favourable conditions that make the “inevitable transition” a positive and sustainable one; that is why initiatives like WISE4All are important as “drivers of new ecosystems” that identify and implement experimentations for the society of the future. Loretta Anania stated that bridging networks and “facilitating the exchange” are key elements to effectively create value and build a “community of action”.

WISE4All, by responding to the invitation made by MEP Patrizia Toia, has expressed its interest in actively undertaking a collaborative path with EU institutions. On the other hand, WISE4All will keep on working on the themes of social and open innovation by enlarging its network, with the aim of strengthening its platform of women who work together toward common goals. This work will be driven by WISE4ALL – Charter of values, which main values are: respect of dependence and interdependence of people, ethic of responsibility, knowledge accessibility, spatial justice, diversity and inclusion and health promotion. WISE4All Charter of Values has been co-created with its Signatories and it lays the foundation of the actions and projects the initiative will undertake in the future.

WISE4All Charter of Values has thus represented the fil rouge of the themes addressed in the afternoon roundtables: gender health, digital manufacturing and innovation processes, just and creative city and societal challenges.

In this framework, both suggestions made by the European Commission and the experiences and propositions carried by WISE4All Signatories have given a valuable contribution to the overall debate.

Here you can find the presentations:

Bror Salmelin, European Commission DG CONNECT

and WISE4All video