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By March 18, 2016

Marinella Manicardi, actress, writer and director of Teatro delle Moline, Bologna “I believe that artists carry a huge responsibility. They can give value to things, they deal with an imaginery. Everything that is not narrated loses value, like it doesn’t exist. That’s why, in the last years, I decided to focus on stories based on

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By January 26, 2016

Culture influences the process of social innovation, because without a continuos cultural push it wouldn’t be possible to make progress and to observe the future. It becomes always more complex, because new technologies start to be part of our daily live. We all have easy access to information and culture. On the one hand culture

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By December 29, 2015

VIDEO INTERVIEW MADE IN 2017 Marianna D’Ovidio is an urban sociologist based at the Dept. of Sociology and Social Research of Università Milano – Bicocca where she is working on urban cultural economy, innovation and creativity. Her research interests range from social and cultural innovation, to creativity  and justice, in particular their relation with the

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