UDEW – Urban DEcolonization Walks in the EU

UDEW – Urban DEcolonization Walks in the EU

Project Description

The general objective of this is to make local communities and younger generations coming from different backgrounds aware of the negative consequences of colonialism and imperialism, starting from studying the events related to the contested public monuments dedicated to this phenomenon. The project will focus on the study of history and heritage of colonialism from a gendered and intersectional perspective. Through research, sport, cultural and non-formal activities, they will be able to develop critical thinking, acquire awareness on the debate around the topics addressed, on the colonial heritage as a vast European phenomenon shared by different states and which consequences are still visible in migration flows and discriminations characterizing the XX and XXI century, overcoming a polarized and stereotyped debate around this topic in favor of a shared perspective and a critical thinking approach among youngsters.

In accordance with the EU anti-racism action plan for 2020-2025, UDEW will aim at combating stereotypes and racism through the acknowledgement on the historical roots of racism, focusing on tracing the consequences of colonialism and de-colonization on the perception of people coming from former colonies in modern EU society. Furthermore, UDEW will promote the participation of young people having a racial/ethnic minority background in project activities, stimulating their protagonism in order for their voices to be heard at local/national and European level, also promoting anti-racist and anti-discrimination perspective. In accordance with the anti-racism action plan, the project will also promote the involvement of public authorities in order to stimulate their contribution in informed policy choices.




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