Covenant of Mayors

Covenant of Mayors

Project Description

The main purpose of “Sassari 20-20-20” programme is to activate on the territory of the “North -West Sardinia Covenant” a set of actions in order to support European agreement for combating climate change calling all Member States to adopt a commitment to achieve a reduction of at least 20% in the CO2 emissions by 2020 compared to 1990, to increase at least 20% the contribution of the renewable energy demand, to reduce of at least 20% the energetic consumption. Through a concerted strategy, and a set of interventions, the Province of Sassari will going to adapt strategies to the needs, and current opportunities of territory setting in sustainability policy and ” Green Economy” , trying to transform sustainability commitment in socio-economic advantage. The so-called Green economy, is a model of sustainable and durable development in rapid growth. In contrast with actual and more diffused model based on using new and renewable energy sources fossil fuel produced (black economy), green economy is based on interdependence between the human activities and l’ natural ecosystem in which is to turn

Why Should we aim to the Green economy?

Aiming at the Green economy means building a sustainable economic model, which includes all the human life – daily, working, leisure aspects based on the use of clean energy and on the respect of the environment and natural resources. Consequently, it means stating-up activity, providing new working opportunities and chance of sustainable growth with the natural and human needs.

Who is involved in the Green economy process?

All public and private entities working in a same economic context and involved in the activation, transition and consolidation phases of the green economy and sustainable growth.

Province of Sassari in the Green Economy

Province of Sassari has been for a long time ecosystem friendly, nowadays is still playing as a leader player in this game involving all the stakeholders of the territory in a new and important development phase of a greener and sustainable reality. Strategy have to turn to the promotion of relevant initiatives (direct or not) for the development of the green economy, of the energy saving culture and efficiency energy on the whole local territory, identifying in the Covenant of the West North Sardinia the qualifying and multiplier element.



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