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The 2019 series is rooted in Social Innovation and done in partnership with Braims to follow and connect the outstanding practitioners follow us in our media channels at brAIMS and S-com to stay tune for the launch of the full publication by the end of the year.

The Context

These set of interviews will reveal that whether these problems live in the every day live of their users, which is a common approach you can find in founders in the Startups field, more specifically in the consumer services sector or these needs develop into systemic problems of the society, where often the solutions are rooted in the Social Innovation field; both approaches have one common challenge: funding opportunities access and reach.

Being a conscious decision or not, in the Social Innovation field is more likely that when wanting to start a project or build an organization you’ll need several partners, communities or institutions advocating for a solution, as these are large scale problems that present complex conditions (like culture, citizens behaviour, public policies, isolated contexts) Often also to solve this problems is inevitable to find support in government agencies or programs.

As our background experience is built over solving these types of problems, working with bottom up initiatives and communitarian projects it was only logic we started from here. We hold a network of incredible talents with different looks, strategies and experiences in a wide range of projects and scenarios. As highlights of the series we have Progetto Quid an ethical and sustainable fashion brand that manufactures its garments by people — mostly women — with vulnerable pasts, recovers otherwise wasted high-quality textiles from prestigious fashion brands and the winners of the Social Innovation Competition 2014, in the creation of ideas for the city and urban dynamics activation you can find Incursiones, and new approaches to design from the upcycling of materials in the construction industry like Materialized passing by incredible brains like Nikolai Elneser, current Fullbright Master Scholar in Public Policy Candidate at Georgia State University.

Diverse, global, colorful and current the INNOVATION IS A WIN 2019 Series demonstrate that needs are growing fast but also are the talents creating solutions. 

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