Digitalisation for inclusive innovation

Digitalisation for inclusive innovation

Project Description

As a member of the DSJC platform, S-Com proposed the following pledge with the aim of increasing the e-skills of vulnerable young people and women:

  1. Digitalisation for inclusive innovation

Digital participation requires new skills and knowledge, but also awareness-raising activities to develop critical thinking. There are many obstacles limiting participation, such as discrimination, hatred, stereotypes and physical and verbal violence both online and offline (as learned within the UP&UP, VISàVIS, GenreMedias, WISE4Challenges projects). We propose a NEXUS approach is to overcome these barriers. S-Com aims to exploit the potential of digitalization to enhance the accessibility of buildings and structures, within the framework of New European Bauhaus.

To address the opportunities of digitalization offers, S-Com proposes several initiatives that link digital literacy with social inclusion through competences, critical thinking and awareness raising. 

As part of this pledge “Digitalisation for inclusive innovation“, S-Com will organise at least 2 events with 10-15 participants. We will also be supporting placement in the digital sector for at least 5 young people (who come to us through Erasmus grants) and for whom we provide training and awareness-raising activities. We will also be providing assistance and support to at least 10 partner organisations and in particular NGOs to develop e-skills with a special focus on the needs of women and minorities.
The activities take place mainly in Belgium and Italy but will involve all networks connected to S-Com and therefore also Spain and several other Mediterranean countries.

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