Sustainable Communication is an international non-profit organisation based in Brussels.

The international association was founded in 2005 by Lillo Perri, an Italian journalist and publisher, who wanted S-Com to be a think-tank where European communication professionals could come together to think about sustainable communication. The aim was to think about ‘sustainability’ as a cultural change. Since its inception, S-Com has worked to demonstrate not only that communication plays an essential role in sustainability and innovation processes, but also that the active participation and continuous learning that underpin dialogue can lead to greater awareness and social integration of individuals and greater social justice.
Moving between the thinking on sustainability that led to the definition of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and European policies, over the years S-com has become a network of different types of organisations: universities, research centres, institutions, NGOs.

You can find our status here.



Antonio Pio Lancellotti -graduated in Political Science at the University of Perugia, where he also earned a PhD in Historical Sciences. He is a registered freelance journalist and since 2015 he has been editor-in-chief of the independent newspaper He also contributes to the editorial staff of Radio Sherwood and Gemini Network. He is a member of the cooperative Tele Radio City, for which he has worked as project manager in several projects. Since 2022 he has been president of S-com.


Valentina Zoccali -Graduated at the University of Letters and Philosophy, Department of Arts, Music and Performing Arts, University of Bologna (2006), she subsequently completed a specialisation course in Social Media Marketing and in 2008 she started working in the field of communication, advertising and culture. Since 2013 she has been Secretary General of S-Com. In 2015, she designed WISE4ALL (Women for Innovative Society in Europe) initiative to promote gender equality. In 2020, she successfully completed the certificat d’Université en Genre & Sexualité at ULB.