LAUNCH EVENT WISE4ALL – Women for Innovative Society in Europe

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On September 26th, 2017, the WISE4ALL initiative will be officially launched within the event “A new inclusive and open society: women contribution to innovation” organised in collaboration with the MEP Pina Picierno with the support of the S&D Group.  The event will introduce the values, vision and network which underpin WISE4ALL’s framework

The conference will put the focus on a new participatory model that, by valorizing the active participation of women to innovation processes, could bring a benefit to the whole community. Social and open innovation, creative culture, and digitalization can play a big part to this process, as it will be explained by the speeches of Bror Salmelin and Loretta Anania from the European Commission, DG Connect.

WISE4ALL will be presented as an example of a participatory approach that gathers women from different backgrounds to develop a new social model. WISE4ALLWomen for Innovative Society in Europe – is a European initiative with the aim to design and implement new technical and social projects, by overcoming the gender approach, through the valorization of human experiences.

Created in 2015, the initiative has been joined so far by 10 institutions all over Europe among Universities, research centers, non-governmental and private organizations active in the fields of digital innovation, culture, social development and civil rights.

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10.30–11.00   Speakers and guests registration
11.00–11.05   Intro
11.05–11.15   Welcome of MEP Pina Picierno 
11.15–11.25   Welcome of MEP Patrizia Toia (TBC)
11.25–11.35   Bror Salmelin, European Commission DG CNECT “The open innovation process”
11.35–11.45   Loretta Anania, European Commission DG CNECT “Social Innovation and societal challenges”
11.45–11.55   Valentina Zoccali, “WISE4All: an example of the participatory approach”
11.55–12.15   Presentation of the network: WISE4All signatories
12.15–12.25   Lara Grosso Sategna “A Charter of Values for a new inclusive and open society”
12.25–12.30   Valentina Zoccali – Afternoon Round tables presentation
12.30–12.45   Official signing of WISE4All MoU

Registration: http://bit.ly/2xdVff5

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"A reflection on an inclusive and open society"

During the afternoon, a second event, co-organised by WISE4ALL and Tuscany Region, will take place at the headquarters of the Region (Rond-Point Schuman 14, Bruxelles), with the implementation of 4 roundtables of discussion, attended by experts, signatories of WISE4ALL and officials of the European Commission. The aim of the roundtables is to provide a fruitful discussion on some of the main topics addressed by WISE4ALL participants: gender health, digital manufacturing and innovation processes, creative and just city, and the emerging challenges from a changing society. 

Click here to download the full program the of roundtables in pdf

Roundtable 1

Gender Health: a contribution to an open and innovative society

 Tuscany Region, Rond Point Schuman 14 – 1040 Bruxelles

h 14.30-16.00

Registration: http://bit.ly/2xBCCSN

Rapporteur/Moderator: Stefano Taddei (University of Pisa)

14.30 – 14.40 Antonella Pollazzi, Tuscany Region-EU Liaison Office
14.40 – 14.50 Rita Biancheri, University of Pisa (TRIGGER project)
14.50 – 15.00 Fiorella Chiappi, CO.RI Institute (Women and  health: psychological approach)
15.00 – 15.10 Ghebremedhin Ghebreigzabiher, Italian Permanent Representation
15.10 – 15.20 Chiara Tripepi, European Commission, DG RTD Sector “Gender”
15.20 – 15.30 Gesa Hansen, European Commission, DG RTD, Unit  “Innovative and  Personalised Medicine”
15.30 – 15.40 Freja Hagsund, Euregha Network (European Regional and local Health Authorities Network)
15.40 – 15.50 Stefano Taddei – Rapporteur – Conclusions

Roundtable 2

Digital Manufacturing and Innovation processes

 Tuscany Region, Rond Point Schuman 14 – 1040 Bruxelles

h 14.30-16.00


Rapporteur/Moderator: Davide Meinero (ID Consulting)

14.30 – 14.45 Welcoming speech and introduction of Davide Meinero
14.45 – 15.00 Paolo Casalino, Apulia Region
15.00 – 15.10 Apulia manufacturing hub
15.10 – 15.20 Lidia Greco, University of Bari – “Makerspace and industry 4.0 in peripheral regions: issues and potentialities”
15.20 – 15.30 Cheryl D. Miller, Digital Leadership Institute – “Inclusive digital transformation”
15.30 – 15.40 Erastos Filos, European Commission – DG RTD, “Sustainable production in advanced manufacturing”
15:40 – 15.50 Heidi Cigan, European Commission, DG CNECT  “Digital skills and jobs coalition”
15.50 – 16.00 Valentina Scialpi, European Commission – DG CNECT “Next Generation Internet”

Roundtable 3

Toward a Just-Creative City

 Tuscany Region, Rond Point Schuman 14 – 1040 Bruxelles

h 14.30-16.00


Moderator/Rapporteur: Alessia Usai (University of Cagliari)

14.30 – 14.40 Welcoming speech of Alessia Usai
14.40 – 14.50 Marianna d’Ovidio, University of Bari -“Just and creative city”
14.50 – 15.00 Anna Maria Colavitti, University of Cagliari-“Space Innovation”
15.00 – 15.10 Lapo Bettarini, La Concertation -“Inclusive creativity”
15.10 – 15.20 Chiara Colangelo and Francesca Laschiazza, Abruzzo Region – “Presentation of EU project, best practice: Crowd4Roads: CROWD sensing and ride sharing FOR ROAD Sustainability”
15.20 – 15.30 Erminia Sciacchitano, European Commission DG EAC
15.30 – 15.40 Anne Nielsen, European Commission DG RTD “Research funding under H2020, Societal Challenge 6 for inclusive urban cities”
15:40 – 15.50: Lamprini Ethra Lambropolou, European Commission, DG REGIO
15.50 – 16.00: Alessia Usai Rapporteur – Conclusions

Roundtable 4

The “otherness” – Inclusion to tackle the new challenges emerging from the changing society

 Tuscany Region, Rond Point Schuman 14 – 1040 Bruxelles

h 14.30-16.00

Moderator/Rapporteur: Lara Grosso Sategna (S-com)

14.30 – 14.40 Welcoming speech of rapporteur
14.40 – 14.50 Anna Fumarola, Mujeres por Africa – “Empowerment of scientist women in Africa”
14.50 – 15.00 Cristina Garavoglia, Gruppo Abele – “The new challenges emerging from the changing society – social exclusion”
15.00 – 15.10 Daniela Rossi, CISME Cooperative – “Ethical and social aspects of inclusion: migrant reception”
15.10 – 15.20 Maria Grazia Ricci, University of Pisa “Diversity for innovation, innovation in diversity”
15.20 – 15.30 Valentina Zoccali, S-com – “The participation processes for an inclusive EU”
15.30 – 15.40 Bror Salmelin, DG CNECT – “Costs of the social exclusion”
15:40 – 15.50 Graham Stull, European Commission, DGEMPL”Social inclusion in the European Semester”
15.50 – 16.00 Raffaella Greco Tonegutti, European Commission, Policy Officer DG RTD “ Eu research agenda on migration to promote open and inclusive societies”

Final session - Conclusions by rapporteurs

h 16.30 – 17.30

Tuscany Region, Rond Point Schuman 14 – 1040 Bruxelles

16.30 – 16.45: Stefano Taddei – First Roundtable wrap-up session

16.45 – 17.00: Davide Meinero – Second Roundtable wrap-up session

17.00 – 17.15: Alessia Usai – Third Roundtable wrap-up session

17.15 – 17.30: Lara Grosso Sategna – Fourth Roundtable wrap-up session

17.30: End