Workshop on Social Innovation in the EU

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Posted on May 24, 2019

Today S-Com hosted Social Change school PMC Master’s students to present its experience and discuss about “Social Innovation in the EU”. Students were welcomed by Valentina Zoccali, Secretary General of S-Com, and Lara Grosso, Communication Officer of WISE4ALL platform.

The presentation was developed in two sessions: the first session was focused on the evolution of the European social dimension and social innovation and the second session dealt with the supporting instruments provided by the EU to social innovation and with examples of developed projects in Europe and in the world.

Laurent Niyonkuru was the guest of the meeting, he is founding member of FEFA association (Food and Education For All) and partner of S-Com. He gave a presentation on the ongoing project “Better Health and Food Safety for Vulnerable families in Burundi”.

At the end of the presentation, Lara Grosso concluded the speech by presenting possible future scenario for the Social Europe, mentioning the Reflection Paper on the Social dimension of Europepublished by the EU Commission. “The political option chosen will have implications beyond the social field, stretching to the competitiveness of Europe, its capacity to harness and shape globalization, the stability of the economic and monetary union, cohesion within the Union and solidarity between its people.”

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Lara Grosso Sategna studied Business Administration at the University of Turin where she specialized in Languages of Communication. Since June 2016 she’s collaborating with ID Consulting and S-com aisbl concerning EU policies and programmes. In these years she has been working on creating new networks and since November 2016 she is the responsible for the communication of WISE4All.