Interview with Valentina Montalto, researcher and consultant of KEA | European Affairs

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Posted on March 13, 2016

“Social innovation is something that try to answer and address community needs. It is basically about change and creativity and it is challenging our culture…any innovation process is about the disruption of our past culture…in this way creativity and culture produce social innovation (…) Citizens understand more and more that culture investment is a huge asset to improve attractiveness and local well-being. Regarding the cutural industry I think it has changed a lot in the last decades because of the technological development. One of the major challenge in the creativity industry is to guarantee the right remuneration to artists and creators”

About the Author

Valentina Zoccali was born in Reggio Calabria (IT) in 1986. Now, she lives in Brussels and is Secretary General of S-com. She has been working in the fields of communication, advertising and culture since 2008. She studied Art & Communication at University of Bologna and Social Media Marketing. Her expertise is connected to social media methods and theories, civil society engagement and participation in innovation programs. She works to connect aspects of culture and communication in the processes of social innovation and sustainability in Euro-Mediterranean area.