Interview with Anna Fumarola, project manager of Women for Africa Foundation

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Posted on March 02, 2016

Anna Fumarola is Project Manager of Mujeres por Africa Foundation,

“At the Women For Africa Foundation we focus on research carried out by women. Our program, Science by Women , aims at empower excellent senior African researchers by integrating them into world-class centres in Spain.
Science by Women is an innovative programme because it targets African women researchers as key actors of development and not as merely beneficiaries of aid. It has a holistic approach as it closes the loop by fostering clusters and networks to promote technological and scientific processes owned, supported and led by African women. Through the efforts of these empowered women, not only will technologies developed in laboratories be transferred and adapted to the needs of the general population, but they will also contribute to the breaking down of social and cultural stereotypes limiting women’s access to scientific research.
Research made by women is usually very strongly oriented to tackle real problems and needs of their communities. But they are still scalable to other geographical and social contexts”

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