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Posted on January 08, 2016

“Social innovation is not a panacea but if encouraged and valued it can bring immediate solutions to the pressing social issues citizens are confronted with. In the long term, I see social innovation as part of a new culture of empowerment that we are trying to promote”.

[José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission 2005-2014]


This is the manifesto which is the basis of our campaign. Our goal in the coming months will be to develop it through the contribution of partners and experts that we are involving in order to be able to present our project to the European institutions. Stay tuned!!

Download the manifesto—> WISE4ALL

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Valentina Zoccali was born in Reggio Calabria (IT) in 1986. Now, she lives in Brussels and is Secretary General of S-com. She has been working in the fields of communication, advertising and culture since 2008. She studied Art & Communication at University of Bologna and Social Media Marketing. Her expertise is connected to social media methods and theories, civil society engagement and participation in innovation programs. She works to connect aspects of culture and communication in the processes of social innovation and sustainability in Euro-Mediterranean area.