Interview with Paola Bucciarelli – DG Connect, EC

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Posted on December 07, 2015

Paola Bucciarelli Рresearch coordinator for DG Connect  European Commission

“Digitalization is changing all areas of our lives and all processes that have not been touched by it yet. The process is unstoppable.Technologies support values of our society and of the EU. Values of peace, of security, of a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.What is missing is a boost in communication, education and participation.” Paola Bucciarelli – research coordinator DG Connect European Commission

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Valentina Zoccali was born in Reggio Calabria (IT) in 1986. Now, she lives in Brussels and is Secretary General of S-com. She has been working in the fields of communication, advertising and culture since 2008. She studied Art & Communication at University of Bologna and Social Media Marketing. Her expertise is connected to social media methods and theories, civil society engagement and participation in innovation programs. She works to connect aspects of culture and communication in the processes of social innovation and sustainability in Euro-Mediterranean area.