S-com is an International non-profit association based in Brussels.

Since 2005, the association has been working towards improving the role of communication in sustainability and social innovation, in line with the  European strategy. The creation and dissemination of shared knowledge, research and innovation are the essential conditions to build a sustainable society in economic, social, environmental and institutional terms. It follows that the creation of a sustainable model depends on a communication based on principles such as societal integration and participation.

The work of S-com is based on this premise and is and it aims at identifying languages and innovative communication methodologies, operating through participatory approaches and contrasting perspectives from various institutional representatives across the board, including researchers, professional practitioners and NGOs.

S-Com is also involved in European funded projects with the goal of expanding and transferring the concept of communication and sustainability to develop local intelligence and European competitiveness.

S-com is a smart network composed out of several partners


is founder and CEO of ID Consulting ltd. He started his career as researcher in the Joint Research Centre of the EU and he has more than 20 years of experience in European policy consultancy and in management and administration of European projects. From the beginning, he focused the
mission of S-Com on supporting the new European paradigm of smart local development and competitiveness.

has been working in the fields of communication, advertising and culture since 2008. She studied Art & Communication at University of Bologna and Social Media Marketing. Her expertise is connected to social media methods and theories, civil society engagement and participation in innovation programs. Since 2012 she 's General Secretary of S-com and she works on social innovation and communication's sustainability aspects.


Research and Innovation

We work to explain the application of communication within the new challenges of the Horizon 2020, the EU research and innovation framework programme 2014-2020, in order to support research actors to become aware of and benefit from Digital and Open science approaches.


  • Open Data e Open Access
  • Brokerage Projects and Events
  • Training and Capacity Building

Social Innovation

Social innovation refers to a set of new strategies, concepts, ideas and organizations that meet the social needs of different societal challenges

We work to define the three main interpretations of social innovation: the social mechanisms of innovation, the social responsibility of innovation, the innovation of society.


  • Events and Debates
  • Platforms
  • Training and Capacity Building


The European Union, through the Lisbon Strategy, enhances its own development policy with regard to social, economic and environmental concerns: the strengthening of knowledge as a common resource, the improvement of local and regional competitiveness, the safeguard of social cohesion. Although the strengthening of communication is not the unique password to sustainability, it is a fundamental process to frame sustainable development in today’s society.

  • Campaign
  • Green Community
  • Training and Capacity Building